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Engineering drawing by Daniel, 1967.

The engineering drawings are the back bones of most if not all the technical developments of our modern era. Well, it actually started centuries ago so the technical drawings are the mankind technological back bone !
They have been used for ages to communicate ideas, formalize production plans, bringing a clear visual representation for engineering stuff from smart ideas to complex and/or obscure concepts.

Times have changed and the technical drawings are now computer files generated by CAD systems. However, they can still be fully considered as ‘drawings’. Drawings by hand have not been abandoned anyway though. Hand sketches will always be the unique origin of most ideas.
In other words, engineering drawings have existed since long forgotten times, and will till the end of time.
These pages are a little stopover within engineering drawing travel through centuries, and inform you of the current knowledge as it is today, redirecting you to other interesting and even amazing pages prepared by passionate engineers, as well as suggesting stuff you may like to buy so that you can learn, study, read, practice, or just discover.



Interpreting Engineering Drawings (Drafting and Design)

Engineering drawing

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