More Books…

Lots of information about engineering drawings, the basics and theory, the instruments and tools, symbols and standards, abbreviations and conventions, sizes and zones… are available online electronically and often for free.

However, lots of draughtsmen and engineers will tell you that there is nothing like a book that tells it all, that famous engineering handbook kept as a bible all along a career. Those books hardly get old fashioned as the basics of technology are the heavy foundation of a long and passionate technical career.

Books, instruments, and other stuff that our old men have used too, and that we still use today, are still the same: Why change something that works? We change things to make them better. So today there are better books, better contents, better instruments and other better stuff. But the theory, the mathematics, the laws of technology are the same. So find your treasure, and you’ll keep it until you retire, and even after!

Engineering Drawing, by Boundy Aw.

Engineering Drawing and Design

Technical Drawing and Engineering Communication

SolidWorks 2014 Reference Guide