Mathematics and Art

Like almost everything on Earth, an engineering drawing is driven by Mathematics, even if it looks more like art than a complex science. The appearance of a technical drawings is definitively artistic, it is always beautiful. Even a crappy representation can have some charm. Although… 🙂 , ha ha…. However the arrangement of the views, for example, is not random and the flat representation of a complex 3D shape, or interfering volumes, is a scientific challenge, even pushed at its extremes through amazingly powerful 3D CAD softwares.

That being said, all the students and professionals directly involved in engineering drawings must at least have heard of – and even have studied (!) sometimes with lots of difficulty – the Descriptive Geometry.

Descriptive geometry is at the heart of technical drawings and CAD softwares, and is an art by itself: The art of Mathematics.

Descriptive Geometry

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