The basics and theory

Drawing is Dreaming.
You turn a simple dream, an idea, big or small, into reality through sketches and technical drawings.
Although hand sketches have no real rules as after all it is your brain moving your hand and the goal is a quick representation, engineering drawings techniques are usually learnt at school, or with whatever course on paper or online available, and require quite some time of training, from a few weeks to a few years.
However, don’t be discouraged or demotivated. Engineering drawings just require a bit of easy logic, a few basics and the theory that goes with them, some rules to learn, and are a very interesting activity, sometime like a game for some technical people.
The theory is something you have to be aware of, and, in usual cases, that you have to use as the Bible of engineering drawing in order to respect the rules that make those drawings understandable worldwide.
In other words, you mainly have to learn and know about engineering drawing’s…:
common features
abbreviations and symbols

Check this interesting video introduction to Engineering Drawing…




… and lots of books are really worth exploring too:

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