The instruments and tools

From drawings on caves’ rock walls to PDF computer files, Men have adapted at best how to express their technical ideas with the technology their time offered.
Today we tend to “zero paper” which is a great thing to encourage and save the planet. Therefore CAD drawings and PDFs are heading the right way. In consequence there are lots of new computerized instruments and tools to generate engineering drawings. However, paper drawings will still exist for very long as it is the best way to learn and feel what is a drawing, understand the basics and find out where it all comes from. From a cultural point of view, it is very important to stick to paper drawings at least for studies and learning, and even for the passion of it, using all these clever instruments invented by amazing draftsmen over centuries. And then later you can jumped onto “Computer Aided Design”, as you’ll then know what it is all about.

In the meantime, just bear in mind that most of the time everything starts on a table, with a drawing set, rulers and stuff !

Martin Ashley Creative Table

Pitsco Hearlihy Collegiate Drawing Set

Incra PROTRAC06 6-Inch Precision Marking Protractor

Incra T-RULE06 6-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule